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Earnings when working on online live video chat are unlimited ...

As an independent performing artist or model on live chat, only you determine the amount of your earnings, which really have no cap – it is only up to you how much you want to earn ! There is no pre-set maximum amount of your income, and your possibilities are therefore unlimited. The more time you spend in a good mood and with your vision in front of the camera, the more money you will make. If you are in good spirits and look forward to time pleasantly spent with your clients, there is no way you can be unsuccessful. Come in front of the camera as a true star and you will leave as a superstar – there are no rules to prevent that ! We will send money to your bank account regularly twice per calendar month. Therefore, you will get a reward for the fun you have on interactive live video chat twice a month.

You will this see for yourselves that the time spent in front of the camera is a significant value that affects the amount of your reward – you will not want to leave the camera. We want you to earn as much as possible – please do not hesitate to contact our specialists in the training centre, who will be happy to share advice and ideas with you: your earnings know no boundaries!

Be fair to yourselves and indulge yourselves in luxury – being a model on interactive online live chat will ensure the fulfilment of your wishes and bring new experience with many interesting people. The equation of your earnings is simple: the more and the better you entertain your clients and the more time you spend in front of the camera, the more money you will make !